Our Difference

itcloudshop.com in order to provide comprehensive solutions, consultation, configurations and design to help our clients make the right decisions to support their business goals.

We provide all this at no extra cost and simply value add.

Our methods encompass high touch and exemplary service levels to differentiate ourselves in a commoditized market.

Clients regularly thank us for helping them make the RIGHT decisions for THEM as opposed to pushing out the 'deal of the week' strategy this industry is notorious for.

Our top priority is helping our customers meet their business needs, objectives and overall vision.

Technology Brokers

itcloudshop's biggest difference is that they don't hire Account Managers or Sales Representatives.  In fact, itcloudshop does not have any employees.

itcloudshop is made up of Technology Brokers who are co-owners of the business and have full freedom to serve their clients needs as their clients see best.

This frees up back and forth between departments as each Technology Broker owns the full life cycle of any order or solution.   This allows for the fastest responses, immediate action and the flexibility of business that our clients need in order to be successful.

Call itcloudshop and speak with a Technology Broker today and realize just how easy purchasing technology can be.